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Welcome to the FBS Rent Sense Blog. We will be posting weekly Rent Sense Articles written by Neil and Chris. These articles can also be seen in major publications such as the San Diego Union Tribune. Our goal is to bring quality information to help counsel those already in or interested in the industry. Check back each week to see what is new and exciting in the Property Management world.

“Nearly half of all the housing in San Diego is offered for rent. This condition has existed locally for decades and will continue for the foreseeable future. It is imperative that rental owners and rental residents respect the other for their important role in the essential segment of our local economy. The more informed each are about their respective rights and responsibilities as well as changes in the marketplace the more realistic are the expectations. That just makes good sense; Rent Sense.” – Neil,  2008

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FBS hosts 2nd Open House!

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How to unclog a shower drain

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Please join us at the Open House!

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Legal Questions June 2015!

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FBS Apartments, Condos and Homes For Rent in 69 zip codes throughout the S.D. Region

FBS operates Rental Properties for Independent Owners utilizing Industry Best Practices which creates direct benefits to our Rental Customers. We have provided Superior Housing Alternatives now in our 5th Decade. Our available rental inventory changes daily. www.fbs-pm.com

As professional managers we must stay on top of local, state and federal laws, regulations and housing codes that are imperative to our clients and rental customers. We review and update our contracts, policies, forms and routines with the help of KTS (Kimball, Tirey and St. John).

Here are some situations we have asked Ted Kimball to weigh in on -

1. Question: I have a renter who gave me a thirty-day notice and then left the following week. Can I re-key the door locks and enter the property?
Answer: If your resident has clearly vacated the unit and communicated the same to you, you do not have to wait until the thirty-day notice expires before you can relet the unit. California law requires that you mitigate your potential loss of rent by attempting to rent the property as soon as possible. The former tenant is liable for any unpaid rent up to the time the premises are relet or the thirty-day notice expires.

2. Question: I just bought two four-plexes. I have a “no pet” policy. One tenant has a dog, cat, and five kittens. How do I change the pet policy as the new owner?
Answer: If they are on a month-to-month, you can serve a thirty-day notice changing the terms of the tenancy to a “no pet” policy. If they are on a fixed term lease, you can make “no pets” a condition of a renewal of the lease, but not until it expires.

3. Question: If we personally serve a tenant a notice to enter the unit and we mail them a copy of the notice, do we need to wait the required six days before entry?
Answer: California law requires six days if the notice is mailed only. If served personally or posted on the usual entry door of the premises, a twenty-four hour notice of entry is presumed to be a reasonable time.

4. Question: Can residents sit outside their front door and drink beer? Other residents are complaining.
Answer: If the outside portion where they are drinking beer is part of the common area of the premises, you can restrict that activity as long as it is restricted for all residents. If it is part of their rented space, you cannot, unless they are causing unreasonable disturbances to other residents.

5. Question: I purchased a rental property two years ago and the security deposits need to be increased. Most of the deposits are $600.00 and need to be increased to $900.00. What is the best way to do this?
Answer: If they are on a month-to-month agreement, you can serve a thirty-day notice changing the terms of the tenancy to increase the deposit amount. You can charge up to twice the amount of the monthly rent if the unit is unfurnished.

6. Question: Who is responsible for the expense of carpet cleaning and painting when a tenant vacates a unit? Is its lawful to pass on this expense to the departing tenant?
Answer: Under California law, the carpet must be left in the same clean condition it was when the tenant first moved in. Any necessary cleaning is the tenant’s responsibility and the cost may be deducted from his or her security deposit. Painting may also be charged to the departing tenant if the need to paint arose out of extraordinary wear and tear while the tenant occupied the apartment.

7. Question: We rented to three roommates who all moved in at the same time. One moved out a couple of months ago and the other two moved out last month. All three were on the rental agreement and one is demanding that we give the entire deposit refund to him because he was the one who paid it. What should we do?
Answer: Either require the roommate to produce a written, notarized statement from the other two roommates granting their permission and consent, or give him a check with all three names as the payee.

8. Question: I served a three-day notice to pay rent or quit to one of our tenants. I received a partial payment within the three-day period. Do I have to serve another notice for the remainder of the rent or is the notice still good?
Answer: Under California law, a residential landlord who accepts partial payment of rent demanded on a three-day notice is required to serve a new notice for the balance owed.

9. Question: How do we get rid of tenants who have filthy units? They always pay on time. Answer: If the condition of a residential tenant’s apartment unit is creating a health or fire hazard, the landlord should take steps to require the hazard be removed, or if necessary, terminate the tenancy and evict. If the condition does not amount to a health or fire hazard, you may elect to serve a thirty-day notice to terminate a month-to-month tenancy, or if the lease is a fixed term, do not renew. If the tenant could have a disability called “hoarding,” you should seek legal advice before proceeding.

10. Question: One of our tenants informed me that residential landlords have to replace carpeting every five years. Is this true?
Answer: No. California does not have specific requirements for replacing carpets or any condition of the unit so long as it remains in a habitable condition, which means free from substantial health or safety hazards.

11. Question: How long should we retain old leases at our apartment complex? I have heard two years, is this correct?
Answer: The statute of limitations (the time one has to bring a lawsuit) for written leases is four years. Therefore, leases should be retained a minimum of four years from the date of the vacancy.

12. Question: One of our tenants is buying a home and gave us a thirty-day notice. Now they want to extend escrow fifteen more days beyond the thirty-day period. They are willing to pay for the additional rent. Should we require a new thirty-day notice from the tenants?
Answer: If you are in agreement to the additional fifteen days, agree in writing to extend the thirty-day notice period to expire on midnight on the agreed extension. Otherwise, the court may believe that you waived your right under the thirty-day notice by allowing the tenant to remain in possession and paying rent beyond the thirty-day notice period.

13. Question: We just recently purchased a property with below market rents and intend on raising rents. Which is preferable: to send out a thirty-day notice to raise the rent first, or to have the residents sign a month-to-month agreement, then sent out a thirty-day notice? Answer: Legally, when you purchase rental property, you “step into the shoes” of the previous owner and you are bound by whatever lease agreement is in place. If it is month-to-month, you

can serve a thirty-day notice to change the terms, including rent increase. If the rent is increased more than 10% from what it was one year ago, a sixty-day notice must be served.

14. Question: I have rented an apartment to an unmarried couple. The boyfriend’s mom is the co-signor. The boyfriend is moving out and wants his and his mom’s name taken off the lease.
I don’t care if the boyfriend leaves, but I think his mom is still responsible. Am I right? Answer: Most co-signor agreements, also known as guarantee contracts, provide that the guarantee of performance is through the term of the lease. If so, the mom would most likely remain responsible, even if her son moves out.

Gerry Minor joins the FBS team!

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We are excited to introduce Gerry Minor, newest member of our Business Development front office at FBS. Gerry has been has been a member of our FBS Property Management Team for months. We just waited till the conclusion of the Stanley Cup Playoffs (let’s hear it once more for Chicago) to introduce the one person you can know personally that has played and scored in those playoffs. That’s right. Our man Gerry has his own traded player’s card.

Gerry Minor was born in Regina, Saskatchewan. As one of 6 children, he enjoyed growing up in a family that loves sports, especially hockey. Gerry played junior hockey for the Regina Pats and was drafted by the National Hockey League’s Vancouver Canucks. Gerry played Center for five seasons with the Canucks where he held the record for most shorthanded goals and even played, scoring a goal in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, against the New York Islanders. When Gerry retired from professional hockey in the late 80s he relocated to San Diego where he could escape the cold Canadian winters and enjoy his favorite outdoor activities year-round, especially golf. In 1991, Gerry began has second career in sales management with Jerome’s Furniture Warehouse where he worked until 2012.

Gerry then decided to pursue his love of real estate; also a year-round passion in San Diego. After schooling and receiving his real estate license he has started his third career at FBS Property Management as a New Accounts Specialist. Gerry uses his gift of gab to charm new clients! He can be found at the local mixers hosted by the East County and San Diego Chamber, BBB events and much more! Currently Gerry is using his customer service skills to bring FBS new business! Gerry enjoys living in San Diego with his wife Cindy, where he supports his local sports teams and gets to play year-round golf (yep, he wins at golf too).

Still in his rookie year but Gerry definitely is making a difference on our FBS team roster and we’re proud to brag on him a little. Practice with us a minute, “Gerry M shoots and scores!!!”



Rent Sense in Apartment Magazine

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In addition to their following in southern California Neil Fjellestad and Chris DeMarco have a strong presence in northern California as well. Rent Sense, their syndicated industry column has been picked up by Landlord Property Management Magazines. Their monthly publications are mailed directly to 43,000 apartment owners, managers, property management companies, and leasing offices – reaching over 1,000,000 units throughout Northern California. For over 50 years, Landlord publications have been dedicated to helping and providing information to the owners and managers of multi-housing units, income properties, residential rentals, and commercial properties throughout California. Currently, Landlord offers four distinct magazines throughout Northern California: San Francisco, Silicon Valley, East Bay, and Greater Sacramento. They have chosen to include Rent Sense in each.

How to unclog a sink

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FBS @ RB Alive

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Last Sunday the FBS team hosted a booth at the RB Alive Street Fair. Our employees met and spoke with over 5,000 attendees. We distributed tons of material about the FBS way of management. These events allow us to show support for the communities in which we manage properties. Plus our North county office is on the same street! It is always so nice to see our customers and clients out and about!

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How to unclog a toilet

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