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Meet Neil and Chris….

Posted: 15th September 2017 by Melissa in Uncategorized

Meet Neil and Chris, the authors of Rent Sense. Let them introduce you to their company as they did in this recent television network interview. This brief clip might also introduce you to the $9 billion annual rent collected in the region as an essential industry mostly composed of small independent rental ownerships like yourself. […]

1. Flushable baby wipes and sani-wipes: No matter what’s on the label, “flushable” wipes do not disintegrate in water as quickly as toilet tissue does. Test it for yourself. Put a flushable wipe and a piece of toilet paper in water for an hour. You’ll see that the toilet paper quickly breaks apart while the […]

Legal Questions June 2017 Part 2

Posted: 17th June 2017 by Melissa in Uncategorized

FBS operates Rental Properties for Independent Owners utilizing Industry Best Practices which creates direct benefits to our Rental Customers. We have provided Superior Housing Alternatives now in our 5th Decade. Our available rental inventory changes daily. As professional managers we must stay on top of local, state and federal laws, regulations and housing codes […]

Ms. Management June 2016

Posted: 3rd June 2016 by Melissa in Uncategorized
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Carol Levey, writer and creator of Ms. Management also appears as a guest blogger on Rent Sense. Her insights appear in dozens of other industry publications across the country. Carol is a regular presenter at the annual AAMD Education Conference, has served as MC Host for Award Events, and consistently over 35 years of volunteerism […]

Rent Sense featured in Rent Magazine

Posted: 3rd December 2015 by Melissa in Uncategorized

Thank you Thomas for the kind words!

Posted: 29th July 2015 by Melissa in Uncategorized

We love hearing from our fellow industry leaders! This is a preferred agent of FBS, he works closely with our New Account Specialists to facilitate smooth transitions between sales and rentals. We choose to work with Agents like this, who respect our rental customers and owner clients. We thank Thomas for the great care he […]

Gerry Minor joins the FBS team!

Posted: 24th June 2015 by Melissa in Uncategorized

We are excited to introduce Gerry Minor, newest member of our Business Development front office at FBS. Gerry has been has been a member of our FBS Property Management Team for months. We just waited till the conclusion of the Stanley Cup Playoffs (let’s hear it once more for Chicago) to introduce the one person […]

Vote FBS San Diego’s best PM company!

Posted: 1st June 2015 by Melissa in Uncategorized