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Ms Management May 2012

Posted: 23rd May 2012 by Melissa in Ms. Management
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Ms. Management Q and A by Carol Levey Q. I’m a manager at a property that has experienced a higher than budgeted vacancy. There’s a lot of pressure from the owner to lease, lease, lease now that traffic has picked up. The owner’s impression is that too much non-productive effort has been spent on qualifying […]

The Corky McMillin Center for Real Estate, The Real Estate Society of SDSU, and working real estate professionals in San Diego County have joined forces to offer you a unique opportunity: Day 1. Day 1 consists of a series of workshops, held in the offices of various working professionals, where students can learn specific skills […]

Rent Sense: What Renters Want

Posted: 18th May 2012 by Melissa in Rent Sense
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Rent Sense: What Renters Want By Neil Fjellestad and Chris De Marco FBS Property Management We can’t tell you how often a rental owner comes to us with a vacancy problem and wants to tell us what the rent will be and/or their specifications for a qualified renter at that rate. Perhaps in no other […]

East County Chamber Golf Tournament

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Please click on the picture below to view all the days photos!

May Legal Questions Part 3

Posted: 16th May 2012 by Melissa in Legal Questions
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11. Question: I am the resident manager of an apartment complex where we only offer one year leases. After six months, one of our residents gave me a thirty-day notice because he lost his job. I informed him that a thirty-day notice is not effective during a long term lease, so he wrote me a […]

Allied Gardens Spring Fest 2012

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Kimball, Tirey & St. John LLP Legal Alert May, 2012 California Courts in Crisis: What Every Landlord and Foreclosing Party Needs to Know Ever since the recession began, the judiciary branch of our government has been subject to major changes through lay-offs, new and onerous local court rules, and court closures and consolidations, all negatively […]

Rented in 4 Days!

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6. Question: Is the procedure for evicting a tenant from a garage any different than for a tenant who lives in a residential unit? Is delivering a notice to a post office box legally acceptable? Answer: The eviction process is the same. The notice should be mailed to the post office box and another attached […]

San Diego’s Best 2012

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