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KTS Legal Questions Feb 2014 Part 2

Posted: 24th February 2014 by Melissa in Legal Questions

Question: There is a very loud tenant in the apartment building across the alley from our rental. I have asked them to quiet down on numerous occasions and have even called the police. They keep playing their music late at night and into the wee hours of the morning. What else can we do? Answer: […]

KTS Legal Questions Feb 2014 Part 1

Posted: 18th February 2014 by Melissa in Legal Questions

1.Question: I understand a security deposit refund must be postmarked within 21 days of vacating the premises.  Is that correct? Answer: The security deposit must be mailed within 21 calendar days of the tenant vacating the unit. 2.Question: I have a maintenance worker who was terminated and was given seven days to vacate his apartment.  […]

Happy Birthday Val!

Posted: 18th February 2014 by Melissa in Uncategorized

San Diego Property Management 92145 – Near Miramar Fjellestad, Barrett & Short (FBS) is the San Diego property management company of choice for residential properties, rental homes, condos, townhomes and apartments for rent in Mira Mesa neighborhoods (92145). FBS fills more residential vacancies, collects more rent and supervises more property maintenance in 92145 than most […]

The mission of the Society is to thoroughly prepare San Diego State University students for a rewarding career within the real estate industry through learning, scholarship, networking, and experience-building opportunities by assessing and developing our members’ skills and connecting them with our professional partners. Neil and Chris have always been a major supporter of the […]

Apartment Magazine

Posted: 4th February 2014 by Melissa in Rent Sense
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Did you know? Rent Sense is available to you in several ways. You can find it in the Union Tribune, Local Newspapers such as the Mission Times Courier, Mission Valley News, through social media such as our blog and Facebook. You can also find it in industry publications such as Apartment Magazine. Apartment Management Magazines […]

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