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FBS Hosts first Educational Open House!

Posted: 27th March 2015 by Melissa in Education
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Our first open house last night was a great success! Thank you to those that attended! We hope you walked away with some new and valuable information! For more information about future events email

Rent Sense: What Does 2015 Mean to Me? By Neil Fjellestad and Chris DeMarco We want to share some data points that might be great news for your independent rental ownership, in 2015 and for several years to come. Because these are often shared separately over several years and not always presented within your context […]

KTS Legal Update March 2015

Posted: 13th March 2015 by Melissa in Legal Questions
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Kimball,Tirey&St.JohnLLP Landlord/Tenant Questions & Answers Ted Kimball, Esq. March, 2015 1. Question: Our tenant owes us back rent and is stating that he is probably going to file bankruptcy. We’ve been trying to work with him but are getting nervous now. Do we lose all the back rent if he files bankruptcy? Answer: It depends. […]