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Happy Holidays from FBS!

Posted: 22nd December 2015 by Melissa in Video
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Legal Questions Dec. 2015

Posted: 9th December 2015 by Melissa in Legal Questions
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FBS operates Rental Properties for Independent Owners utilizing Industry Best Practices which creates direct benefits to our Rental Customers. We have provided Superior Housing Alternatives now in our 5th Decade. Our available rental inventory changes daily. As professional managers we must stay on top of local, state and federal laws, regulations and housing codes […]

Rent Sense featured in Rent Magazine

Posted: 3rd December 2015 by Melissa in Uncategorized

Past President’s Column Neil Fjellestad Several times during this year I have tried to emphasize the singular regional opportunity being given to independent rental owners, real estate investors and business entrepreneurs during the next 5-10 years. I get some push back from some economic advisors that decry our state’s political leanings, at risk infrastructure and […]