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Ms. Management Oct 2016

Posted: 28th September 2016 by Melissa in Ms. Management

Ms. Management Carol Levey, writer and creator of Ms. Management also appears as a guest blogger on Rent Sense. Her insights appear in dozens of other industry publications across the country. Carol is a regular presenter at the annual AAMD Education Conference, has served as MC Host for Award Events, and consistently over 35 years […]

Legal Questions Sept 2016

Posted: 22nd September 2016 by Melissa in Legal Questions
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FBS Apartments, Condos and Homes For Rent in 69 zip codes throughout the S.D. Region FBS operates Rental Properties for Independent Owners utilizing Industry Best Practices which creates direct benefits to our Rental Customers. We have provided Superior Housing Alternatives now in our 5th Decade. Our available rental inventory changes daily. As professional managers […]

SDCAA Legislative Update

Posted: 19th September 2016 by Melissa in Legal Questions
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As you know our involvement with SDCAA has many benefits for our clients. The most important being the representation we receive legislatively. Please see the most recent Legislative Update below! You can review what bills we opposed and fought hard to make sure they did not become a law and those that unfortunately will affect […]

Rent Sense; 1031 right for you?

Posted: 14th September 2016 by Melissa in Property Feature
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FBS Property, AMO is not only your property management company but RE investment advisory as well. Earlier this year we conducted several FBS Open House Educational Presentations on the what, where, why and how of 1031 exchanges to “right-size” your rental property holdings. As with all our advice and management, this is founded on the […]

FBS Provides Investment Value- Watch to find out why!

Posted: 13th September 2016 by Melissa in Video
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