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Posted: 14th March 2017 by Melissa in Video
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Meet Neil and Chris, the authors of Rent Sense. Let them introduce you to their company as they did in this recent television network interview. This brief clip might also introduce you to the $9 billion annual rent collected in the region as an essential industry mostly composed of small independent rental ownerships like yourself.

Neil Fjellestad and his wife Cheery founded a real estate investment company built on the unique requirements of individuals wanting to create wealth and financial independence. Neil had been Director of Brokerage Services for a statewide real estate company since his graduation from SDSU three years before. This company specialized in apartment and commercial transactions throughout California; particularly 1031 exchanges. The young couple had already acquired a small personal portfolio of apartments besides their first home. Neil had discovered a continuous flow of real estate investors came from the adult classes in R.E. Law, Investment Analysis & Taxation he taught for the SD Community College District in the evening.

In business, as in families there are generations. Generations of hard work, education, excellence built upon integrity. Beginning in 1972, hundreds of aspiring professionals built that initial generation bearing the Fjellestad brand of brokerage, consulting and management.

Chris DeMarco joined the Fjellestad companies in 1989 with a unique combination of small business acumen, property & people skills, a famous mid-west work ethic; a practical passion that after time became the driving force for a needed change; the beginning of our 2nd company generation. Still active in the company, Chris & Neil alongside four other key leaders including those from our 3rd company generation make a multi-generational executive team blessed with 125 years of combined experience to ground them while navigating the demands of today’s unique millennial growth.

FBS operates single rental homes and condos, apartments and commercial buildings in 69 zip codes. May we help with your property?


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