Allied Gardens Spring Fest 2013

Posted: 20th May 2013 by Melissa in Uncategorized

Outreach Marketing is Required for the Modern Property Management Company


To be a successful property management company in the modern economy you must become a respected rental housing provider in your market. Experience is imperative and solid reputation within the industry is important but beyond this you must engage the consumer audiences within your market.


While it is true that FBS is the most experienced rental real estate professional organization within the San Diego region that we have served for over four decades. And while it is also true that we stay involved as industry leaders in local chapters of NAA, IREM and NARPM we do more…much more.

We maintain ourselves accessible as rental housing experts throughout the 69 zip codes in which we operate rental properties. We do this by writing an informative column for local newspapers, service several large blog audiences and participate in the Better Business Bureau to raise integrity standards. We make ourselves available through the local chambers and community consumer fairs. We teach at SDSU. Here we are at one of several major community gatherings (Spring Fest) with a booth to provide information, answer questions and have some fun in the process.

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