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SDCAA Past President’s Column

Posted: 26th May 2015 by Melissa in Rent Sense
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Rent Sense: What Does 2015 Mean to Me? By Neil Fjellestad and Chris DeMarco We want to share some data points that might be great news for your independent rental ownership, in 2015 and for several years to come. Because these are often shared separately over several years and not always presented within your context […]

Rent Sense as seen in Landlord Magazine

Posted: 3rd February 2015 by Melissa in Rent Sense
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“Rent Sense” is a syndicated column respected and enjoyed throughout California by independent rental owners, serious real estate investors, industry professionals and savvy renters of choice. In this month’s issue of Landlord Property Management Magazine Neil Fjellestad and Chris DeMarco discuss why pet-friendly rentals are a choice that needs to be fortified with appropriate policies […]

What Kind of Real Estate Investor Do You Want to Be? You’ll want to read Rent Sense in the current issue of Landlord Magazine distributed in Northern California (Silicon Valley, Greater Sacramento Area, East Bay and San Francisco Metro). Neil Fjellestad and Chris DeMarco of FBS are the definitive experts on any subject that requires […]

Apartment Magazine

Posted: 4th February 2014 by Melissa in Rent Sense
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Did you know? Rent Sense is available to you in several ways. You can find it in the Union Tribune, Local Newspapers such as the Mission Times Courier, Mission Valley News, through social media such as our blog and Facebook. You can also find it in industry publications such as Apartment Magazine. Apartment Management Magazines […]

Rent Sense: Best Practices for Independent Rental Owners By Neil Fjellestad & Chris De Marco FBS Property Management A “best practice” is a method or technique that has consistently shown results superior to those achieved with other means, and that is used as a benchmark to measure performance. Often the term is used to describe […]

Smart Real Estate with Neil Fjellestad

Posted: 11th November 2013 by Melissa in Video
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Rent Sense: Should I Go or Should I Stay? By Neil Fjellestad & Chris De Marco FBS Property Management More are employed within the rental housing business than is commonly realized. Often we are asked for career advice within this business we have navigated for more than four decades. Perhaps our perspective can be helpful […]

Rent Sense: A Lease Requires Your Attention By Neil Fjellestad and Chris De Marco FBS Property Management Part 2 Here are some suggestions to give you more confidence during the leasing process – • Ask the individual that shows you the rental property (house, condo, and/or apartment) whether you can rely upon the lease agreement […]