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KTS Legal Questions July 2014 Part 2

Posted: 29th July 2014 by Melissa in Rent Sense
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  Question:  Can I post a 24 hour notice to check to see if a tenant complied with a notice that was served (unauthorized occupant, unauthorized dog, etc…)? No, California law limits the reasons in which a landlord can enter a unit. Under California Civil Code Section 1954, a landlord can enter a dwelling for […]

Rent Sense: A Lease Requires Your Attention By Neil Fjellestad and Chris De Marco FBS Property Management Locating and moving into a rental home in San Diego that fulfills your financial and lifestyle requirements is an ordeal. You want to get it over with and get back to normal routines. Often, the review and signing […]

Rent Sense: No Surprise is Good Surprise By Neil Fjellestad and Chris De Marco FBS Property Management When we take over management of a property with a nagging problem like an uncooperative resident, vacancy or uncollected rent we visit the property and make a detailed inspection of physical conditions, we review the lease documentation as […]

Rent Sense: Why a Long Term Lease?

Posted: 6th August 2012 by Melissa in Rent Sense
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Rent Sense: Why a Long Term Lease? By Neil Fjellestad & Chris De Marco FBS Property Management Some renters want a month-to-month rental agreement in order to maintain the ability to move should their situation change (employment, home purchase or a household change) and they don’t want to be tied to a long-term lease. Rental […]

July KTS Legal Questions Part 1

Posted: 17th July 2012 by Melissa in Legal Questions
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Kimball,Tirey&St.JohnLLP Landlord/Tenant Questions & Answers Ted Kimball, Esq. July, 2012 1. Question: What is the code section pertaining to the tenant’s obligation to pay rent subsequent to a 30-day notice? Answer: California Civil Code 1946 requires the tenant or landlord to serve a thirty-day notice to terminate the tenancy. The rent is owed until the […]

Ms Management May 2012

Posted: 23rd May 2012 by Melissa in Ms. Management
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Ms. Management Q and A by Carol Levey Q. I’m a manager at a property that has experienced a higher than budgeted vacancy. There’s a lot of pressure from the owner to lease, lease, lease now that traffic has picked up. The owner’s impression is that too much non-productive effort has been spent on qualifying […]

6. Question: Is the procedure for evicting a tenant from a garage any different than for a tenant who lives in a residential unit? Is delivering a notice to a post office box legally acceptable? Answer: The eviction process is the same. The notice should be mailed to the post office box and another attached […]

Kimball,Tirey&St.JohnLLP Landlord/ Tenant Questions & Answers Ted Kimball, Esq. May, 2012 1. Question: A new tenant signed a six-month lease. Now, he claims he feels unsafe because of an incident at the property and wants to terminate the lease. The Police Department reported that the incident was grossly exaggerated. The tenant claims he has a […]