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Rental Incentives? What is really important?

Posted: 14th November 2014 by Melissa in Rent Sense
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How important are rental incentives to attracting prospects? Posted by Tammy Kotula on Friday, October 24, 2014 in Apartment Leasing As we know, incentives and special offers from apartment communities have decreased dramatically in recent years. Back in 2009 when the vacancy rate was at a 23-year high, some properties were attracting prospects as well […]

Did You Change the Locks?

Posted: 22nd January 2014 by Melissa in Uncategorized
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Did You Change the Locks? February 2014 BY SANDY ADAMS PRESIDENT, RENTAL HOUSING NETWORK A young man went out drinking with his buddies one night. He had too much to drink so his buddies, being such good friends, drove him home, used his key to unlock the door, and then left him on the sofa […]

Best Practices for Independent Rental Owners- Part 3 By Lucinda Lilley, CPM®, GRI® FBS Property Management A necessary first step and best practice is understanding what you want your property to do in the coming year. A strategy to achieve can be drafted for consideration, evaluation, and approval. A written plan can be implemented and […]

Best Practices for Independent Rental Owners- Part 2 By Lucinda Lilley, CPM®, GRI® FBS Property Management We have asked Lucinda Lilley, CPM to present a series of articles “Best Practices for Independent Rental Owners”. Lucinda is a Certified Property Manager (CPM) and a Graduate of the Realtor Institute (GRI). Her 25-year distinguished property management career […]

Rent Sense: Should I Go or Should I Stay? By Neil Fjellestad & Chris De Marco FBS Property Management More are employed within the rental housing business than is commonly realized. Often we are asked for career advice within this business we have navigated for more than four decades. Perhaps our perspective can be helpful […]

To be a successful property management company in the modern economy you must become a respected rental housing provider in your market. Experience is imperative and solid reputation within the industry is important but beyond this you must engage the consumer audiences within your market. We maintain ourselves accessible as rental housing experts throughout the […]

Rent Sense: Use Rental Ownership to Retire  By: Neil Fjellestad and Chris De Marco  FBS Property Management Rental ownership has a long history of satisfying the primary investment priorities of personal financial independence: safety of capital, inflation hedge and tax-favored income. Traditionally, if the detailed financial statements of the wealthy are available for review it […]

Rent Sense: Rental Business is Changing By Neil Fjellestad & Chris De Marco FBS Property Management   The new post-recession realities in major employment and dense population areas such as Southern California means that we are likely to experience a shift during the balance of this decade resulting in dramatically increased rental household formation. Broad […]

Why FBS Can Add Value to Your Investment in Rental Properties There are numerous articles highlighting the latest investment strategy of Wall Street. The financial prowess of the likes of Warren Buffet and Blackstone seem to be focused on the following strategy: acquisition of thousands of distressed homes, fixing and operating as rentals going forward […]

Best Practices for Independent Rental Owners – FRBO and Proud By Lucinda Garland, CPM®, GRI® FBS Property Management Many rental properties are owned and operated by independent owners. Though their rentals are subject to evolving market requirements and demands of a new generation of renters some owners manage their real estate under the philosophy that […]